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09 September 2014

Watch Ari Lesser’s Music Video Highlighting Dangers of Hamas


Orthodox rapper Ari Lesser is at it again, putting out a unique video to support a pro-Israel, anti-Hamas message.

The video, released Monday on YouTube, includes lyrics penned specially by Lesser, who is making a name for himself in the genre of Jewish rap music. The song’s lyrics include lines like, “You think they seek peace, that’s a bunch of crap/They just want to wipe Israel off the map,” and “They want Islam controlling the whole Middle East/Two states don’t interest them in the least.”

From Ari Lesser:

Hamas, a terrorist organization similar to Isis, rules over the Gaza strip. In the summer of 2014 Hamas provoked a war with Israel. Hamas is Palestinian, but it oppresses the Palestinian civilian population in Gaza and launches rockets into Israel to terrorize Israeli civilians. Hamas calls for the murder of Jews and the destruction of Israel. Read more about Hamas’ intentions at: Sign the petition at and free Gaza and Israel from Hamas.

Lesser previously released an original song highlighting the hypocrisy of the boycott Israel movement. The 20-something ba’al tshuva reggae rapper has a slew of videos out that have already garnered global attention. Watch the Boycott Israel video here.


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