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13 September 2014

Dope: Jewish Rapper Ari Lesser Has 99 Problems, But Sympathy For Hamas Ain’t One Of Them

From While most American rappers waste their so-called skills and talent spewing violent and misogynist garbage, Jewish rapper Ari Lesser plots to educate the world about the wickedness of Hamas. That might just be the best rap song I have heard in a very long time. According to The Times of Israel, Jewish rapper Ari Lesser was inspired to...
12 September 2014

Jewish Rapper Ari Lesser Says You’re A Fool If You Support Hamas

From Cleveland-born Jewish rapper Ari Lesser is no stranger to making political statements through his music, as demonstrated in his last music video that went viral, “Boycott Israel,” where he raps, “Boycott Israel, if you think that’s just, but unless you have a double standard you must, also boycott the rest of the nations, with allegations of human rights...
09 September 2014

Watch Ari Lesser’s Music Video Highlighting Dangers of Hamas

From Orthodox rapper Ari Lesser is at it again, putting out a unique video to support a pro-Israel, anti-Hamas message. The video, released Monday on YouTube, includes lyrics penned specially by Lesser, who is making a name for himself in the genre of Jewish rap music. The song’s lyrics include lines like, “You think they seek peace, that’s a...
24 August 2014

Rapper Ari Lesser at AFDI’s rally for Israel and persecuted religious minorities

From For the first time, defenders of Israel and representatives of minorities persecuted by Islamic jihadists from around the world gathered together to stand for life and for freedom. Finally, the truth. Our speakers provided harrowing insight into the full breadth and depth of the havoc and destruction that Islamic jihadists have unleashed upon the world. New York Assemblyman...
24 December 2013

Rapper Joins Fight Against BDS

From With the help of a hip hop beat, Ari Lesser strikes a chord for Israel by putting the boycott movement in perspective. Ari Lesser would relish the chance to perform his song “Boycott Israel” at the headquarters of the United Nations, where the world body routinely churns out anti-Israel resolutions. Or at the next meeting of the American...
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