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12 September 2014

Jewish Rapper Ari Lesser Says You’re A Fool If You Support Hamas


Cleveland-born Jewish rapper Ari Lesser is no stranger to making political statements through his music, as demonstrated in his last music video that went viral, “Boycott Israel,” where he raps, “Boycott Israel, if you think that’s just, but unless you have a double standard you must, also boycott the rest of the nations, with allegations of human rights violations. We’re not perfect but if you think we’re the worst, first take a look at the rest of the earth. Don’t pick and choose to pick on the Jews, pick up the paper and read the news.”

Now Lesser is back with a new song surrounding another topical issue, and an accompanying music video he created in partnership with Israeli advocacy agency StandWithUs.

“Hamas” finds Lesser rapping about the growing support for the terrorist organization following Operation Protective Edge, urging people to do their research first without choosing sides.

Over the summer, we had seen several instances of groups showing their support for Hamas while condemning Israeli war crimes despite several confirmed reports that the Hamas-run health ministry was disproportionate in figures they released that attacked Israel for “indiscriminately targeting civilians,” that they hide rockets underneath UNRWA schools, that they send rockets from dense civilian areas, or that they’ve admitted to using human shields.

The 27-year-old Lesser, it seems, is quite educated on the subject – he has a degree in political science from the University of Oregon – discussing all of these points throughout “Hamas.”

“Other artists start with a cool song, but I start with the research and the information and then I write a cool song,” he said, adding “I know people will call me out if even just one things in the song is flawed.”

The song’s chorus is as follows: “So you want to criticize Israel that’s cool, but if you support Hamas, you’re a fool, unless you want radical Islamic rule and stockpiles of rockets at your kids school. Remember they send their own people out strapped with suicide bombs blowing up in their lap. You think they seek peace, that’s a bunch of crap, they just want to wipe Israel off the map.”

“It’s crucial to get a song like this out there now because of all the misinformation and media bias,” said Lesser, reports the Times of Israel. He also points out that Palestinians and Hamas are NOT the same.


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