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13 September 2014

Dope: Jewish Rapper Ari Lesser Has 99 Problems, But Sympathy For Hamas Ain’t One Of Them


While most American rappers waste their so-called skills and talent spewing violent and misogynist garbage, Jewish rapper Ari Lesser plots to educate the world about the wickedness of Hamas.

That might just be the best rap song I have heard in a very long time. According to The Times of Israel, Jewish rapper Ari Lesser was inspired to create the video after witnessing the insane quantities of “sympathy and support” that were shown to Hamas this past summer.

You know what I find ironic? He kind of resembles Russell Brand. Yet he obviously possesses about a billion times more brain matter than that buffoon.

Regardless, what differentiates Lesser from practically every other rapper on Earth (including those who at least attempt to broach serious issues) is that unlike them, he starts with the “research and the information” and then writes “a cool song.” It very much shows in his highly articulate lyrics. Speaking of which, a transcription of the chorus is included below:

“So you want to criticize Israel that’s cool

But if you support Hamas, you’re a fool
Unless you want radical Islamic rule
And stockpiles of rockets at your kids school
Remember they send their own people out strapped
With suicide bombs blowing up in their lap
You think they seek peace, that’s a bunch of crap
They just want to wipe Israel off the map”

That’s dope, and when I say dope, you know what I mean! FYI, this is not the first kickass video that rapper Ari Lesser has released. About a year ago, for instance, Ari dropped a video, “Boycott Israel,” that took the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement to task for its unsubstantiated criticism of the Israeli occupation of Gaza:

Look, we all want the occupation to end, but let’s be real . . . it won’t end until the Palestinians stop associating with terrorists like Hamas. Period!

Anyway. I know that many of you who visit Downtrend happen to be from the later generations, if you catch my drift. I respect and admire that. HOWEVER, if you don’t think Ari Lesser’s videos are “dope,” then we are going to have some beef, son!


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