Rhyme with Reason

Spoken Word Hip Hop Show

This is a 1 to 2 hour set of original spoken word entertainment. Subjects will range from personal, to political to spiritual.

Animal Raps

Someone from the crowd names any animal they want, and Ari does a scientifically accurate rap from that animal’s perspective. Fun for the whole family!

Torah Edu-tainment

Stories of the Torah brought to life with songs from various biblical personalities, and rhymed translations of Psalms.

Live Concert

Pick your favorite local musicians, and Ari will come and perform with them live.

Motivational Speaker

Ari explains what led him to become a rapper, activist, and Baal Teshuva. Interspersed with original songs and raps. Followed by Q and A.

Writing Workshop

Spoken word presentation to inspire students, followed by a workshop where Ari gives them advice and techniques, to help express themselves through poetry and hip hop.


Hip hop Kabbalat Shabbat service. Rhymed translation of Eishes Chayil. Hip Hop Psukei D’zimra. Original spoken word entertainment during and after meals.

Custom Song Writing

You choose the subject or content and Ari transforms it into rhyming song lyrics which you can use as you see fit.


Peace // Ari Lesser
  1. Peace // Ari Lesser
  2. Life // Ari Lesser - Tzfat Reggae
  3. Miriam // Miriam - Tsfat Reggae