About Ari

Ari Lesser is a singer, songwriter, rapper, and spoken word artist from Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated with a BS in Political Science from the University of Oregon and more recently spent time in Israel studying at Yeshiva in Tzfat and Jerusalem. He has performed all over the world, and written hundreds of songs on a wide range of subjects. Ari’s repertoire is expansive, touching on everything from politics, to religion, to animals. He will step into character and rap from the perspectives of hundreds of different personalities living and dead, real and fictional, human and nonhuman. He has also created rhymed translations of about one third of the book of Psalms, translating their powerful ancient message back into the realm of song. Ari’s performance brings words to life in a way that is inspirational, accurate, educational, and very entertaining for English speaking audiences of all ages and backgrounds.

Peace // Ari Lesser
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